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Life Coach - How to Be Your Own Life Coach

In this video, Noah Hammond talks about life coaching and how you can be your own life coach with a couple understandings and a few simple tools. Life coaching is a process of having accountability and structure, and having someone to see your blind spots and to direct you in the most effective way to take action for yourself.

Here are Hammond's comments on the video and on the possibility of being your own life-coach:  

Become Your Own Life Coach -- Two Simple Steps

Now, I want to let you know I fully endorse coaching. I personally have a coach and I will always have a coach in ANY area of anything that I'm trying to develop myself. Coaches are AMAZING.

Coaches rapidly accelerate your progress. But if you are in a place where you are just starting out, you are looking to start developing yourself and you want to play with self-development by being your own life coach, here is how you can do it.

It comes down to managing your actions and I broke it into two categories: the macro and the micro.

The macro, category one, is pretty simple. That's your actions. What actions are you taking on a daily basis? Do they support where you'd like your life to go or do they hinder your life?

If you simply create two columns -- support and hinder -- and document what you do on a daily basis, you will know if your macro, your actions, are SUPPORTING or DETRACTING from your goals and direction and where you would like your life to go.

The second category is the micro. This one is a little bit harder for people to bring their personal awareness to. The micro has to deal with your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and reactions. This is the INTERNAL work that needs to be done for you to see the external progress.

Now, what I want you to know is that the internal work -- the micro work -- is more important than the macro. If you do not take the time to align your energies, remove emotional blockages, or get TOTAL clarity on exactly how to move forward to create the life you would like, the actions won't matter.

You won't be taking the RIGHT actions. You won't be taking it often enough, or in the right way, or with the right awareness. The action won't matter if you don't do the internal work first.

I have some tools available to you to begin the internal work. One would be watching the series on "Mastering Your Emotions" to really get a firm grasp on how your emotions work and how you can begin to release emotional blockages.

Also, I have the Instant Achievement Blueprint, which is a step by step system for setting and achieving your goals. It takes you through aligning yourself through your sub-conscious and conscious mind, and getting yourself in alignment so that you can take the RIGHT actions.

It talks about ACCOUNTABILITY and how to create in your life a structure where you are always moving forward, and always progressing towards creating the exact life that you would like to create.

For myself, since writing the Blueprint and implementing it, I have been able to coach myself to new levels of success and abundance in ALL areas. But again, I also have my own personal team of coaches that I work with for different areas of my life. I suggest you do look for the same.

For an inexpensive, easy way to start, check out the Instant Achievement Blueprint. It's going to give you an AMAZING structure by which you could be your own life coach.

But then, for REALLY accelerating your progress in life, I would highly recommend that you go and find a coach who resonates with you, who feels like:

"Wow, I have SO much to learn from this person."

Ideally, someone who is doing the exact thing that you would like to do, and is teaching the exact thing that you would like to learn. That's what you want to look for with your coach -- that they are doing the thing that you want; that they are teaching the thing that you want; and that they resonate with you and that you feel GOOD.

Be your own life coach with the advice that we have talked about in this video! Then, go check out a real coach because coaches EXPLODE your success in all areas. I know they do for me.


Learn to Appreciate

Pooh and friends

We tend to look at obstacles in a negative way. This is something we might be able work on, slowly learning to treat obstacles as learning experiences and as positive things in general. I mentioned that before, here.

But this post is about the other side--how we look at the good things we have. There are so many things we have and simply take for granted. This is true, for example, for an employer who mistreats an employee because he thinks it doesn't matter (after all, the mistreated employee is getting paid, right?). It's also true for family and friends we take for granted, often not pausing to appreciate the fact that a person has chosen us to spend a lifetime with (or in the case of friends, even just a rare afternoon at the football stadium).

Once we figure this one out, it's possible to look further and learn to appreciate everything around us.

The ideas above, by the way, are much better explained in this post from Dream Manifesto, where author Jack Canfield writes

When you are in a state of appreciation and gratitude, you are in a state of abundance. You are appreciating what you do have instead of focusing on, and complaining about, what you don’t have. Your focus is on what you have received… and you always get more of what you focus on.


On Meditation, Spirituality, and Howard Stern

Howard Stern

I've commented on some blogs (as well as mentioning it here) that I approach meditation as a physical/mental exercise rather than a spiritual one, and it led me to think about spirituality and about what I'm missing.

I do believe that a spiritual background could make it easier to meditate, but is it really necessary?

None other than Howard Stern is actually a big fan of meditation. It's something he's been doing before each show for many years, since his first radio job. But like me, he feels no connection to the spiritual side of meditation.

So, am I missing something here?

Or is spiritual meditation just another path to the same place we all reach through meditation?

Or is there a third option: Am I, by meditating and getting the peace I need to distance myself from myself actually practicing the spiritual meditation? In other words, if I get to where I need to go, does it mean I'm having a spiritual experience (even as I distance myself from that word)?


On Daily Meditation

Goal number six in my slowly growing list of 101 goals is to meditate daily for a week. I had achieved this goal soon after starting this project. It was an easy goal, requiring a few minutes a day for a week.

But then, following the good feeling I felt when I updated the goal list to write this goal was complete, I pretty much neglected the meditation.

But why is that? To be fair, I can only do that at night, when my baby is asleep. And between fearing him waking up and the dogs barking, I can't bring myself to relax even for a few minutes, even though I regret it every night, knowing a day without meditation is a day with more stress and less understanding.

Writing it down here actually allows me to make sense of things. It's a cycle that can be broken only by me. I too stressed to meditate, which means that if I allow myself these five minutes I will not be stressed anymore.

Come on... I can do this. In fact, I'll create another goal: #51: Now that I've succeeded in meditating daily for a week, I will meditate daily for a month.

We'll go from there.


Back to Verizon

Credo Mobile

. . . Then one day I got a postcard in the mail from Dick Cheney, saying "Thanks a Million." A few weeks later I got a letter explaining this was part of a marketing campaign for Credo Mobile, formerly known as Working Assets. They were giving me examples of the ways Verizon (and other cellphone companies) have trampled on our civil rights in cooperation with the Bush administration.

Unlike Verizon and AT&T, they were a good company.

So I turned a blind eye to the fact that they were getting cellphone service through Sprint, which was just as eager to share our phone calls with Bush and Cheney. And I turned a blind eye to the fact that their credit card wasn't independent, but was part of MBNA and then Bank of America.

And for months I even turned a blind eye to the fact that the service was unbelievably bad.

I would sit on one end of the couch and talk, then move to the other side of the couch and the call would drop, telling me I was now roaming...

Things added up, and I couldn't turn a blind eye anymore. The internet stopped working, most calls were going straight to voice mail, the camera sucked, the speed dial didn't work...

It's been less than a year, and I've decided it's time to move back to Verizon. It's time to turn a blind eye to Verizon's Bush-era crimes. Good luck to Credo Mobile. Sorry.

And Dick Cheney, you're welcome.