Improving My Life

A collection of tips for a better life


On Daily Meditation

Goal number six in my slowly growing list of 101 goals is to meditate daily for a week. I had achieved this goal soon after starting this project. It was an easy goal, requiring a few minutes a day for a week.

But then, following the good feeling I felt when I updated the goal list to write this goal was complete, I pretty much neglected the meditation.

But why is that? To be fair, I can only do that at night, when my baby is asleep. And between fearing him waking up and the dogs barking, I can't bring myself to relax even for a few minutes, even though I regret it every night, knowing a day without meditation is a day with more stress and less understanding.

Writing it down here actually allows me to make sense of things. It's a cycle that can be broken only by me. I too stressed to meditate, which means that if I allow myself these five minutes I will not be stressed anymore.

Come on... I can do this. In fact, I'll create another goal: #51: Now that I've succeeded in meditating daily for a week, I will meditate daily for a month.

We'll go from there.