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On Meditation, Spirituality, and Howard Stern

Howard Stern

I've commented on some blogs (as well as mentioning it here) that I approach meditation as a physical/mental exercise rather than a spiritual one, and it led me to think about spirituality and about what I'm missing.

I do believe that a spiritual background could make it easier to meditate, but is it really necessary?

None other than Howard Stern is actually a big fan of meditation. It's something he's been doing before each show for many years, since his first radio job. But like me, he feels no connection to the spiritual side of meditation.

So, am I missing something here?

Or is spiritual meditation just another path to the same place we all reach through meditation?

Or is there a third option: Am I, by meditating and getting the peace I need to distance myself from myself actually practicing the spiritual meditation? In other words, if I get to where I need to go, does it mean I'm having a spiritual experience (even as I distance myself from that word)?